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On-chip Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd (Japan)

Categories Flow Cytometer (cell analysis equipment)
Cell sorter (cell sorting equipment)
Manufacturer name On-chip Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd (Japan)
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,
Tama-Koganei Venture Port 2-24-16 Naka-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo
Product name Microfluidic chip/flow cytometer "On-chip Flow"
Microfluidic chip/cell sorter "On-chip Sort"

Description of manufacturer

On-chip Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd. is a life science analysis equipment development company, and the first in the world to use microfluid chips in order to develop the Flow Cytometer and the Cell Sorter.

In both devices, fluids are contained in a disposable microfluidic chip that does not requirea sheath or waste tank and is maintenance-free. Both devices are compact enough to fit inside a biosafety cabinet. Furthermore, with the cell sorter, the company brought to fruition the technology to sort cells without inflicted damage.

Product description

What is the Flow Cytometer and the Cell Sorter?
The Flow Cytometer measures the light scattered when a laser beam is sent through particles such as cells in a liquid flowing at a high speed and for fluorescence emitted by particles labeled beforehand with fluorescent substances. A cell sorter is a type of Flow Cytometer that can sort particular cells. Both devices are essential in cytology.

Technology description of On-chip Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd.

Micro flow path technology

Sterile and contamination-free due to disposable chips

Disposable and interchangeable microfluidic chips are used for cell analysis and sorting in both On-chip Flow and On-chip Sort.

The acrylic chips have a flow path width of 80μm and depth of 50~80μm, formed on a base plate of 5.5 cm x 4.0 cm. All of fluids and reservoirs are placed in these interchangeable microfluidic chips, so there is no contamination among samples as well as no contamination to the equipment.

Neither device requires a sheath tank and both are compact enough to fit inside a regular sized biosafety cabinet.

Chips for cell analysis and sorting are available in sterilized or non- sterilized form.


細胞解析用チップ 細胞解析・分離用チップ 細胞分離用大容量チップ
Chips for cell analysisChips for cell analysis/sortingHigh-capacity chips for cell sorting

On-chip Biotechnologies theory of cell sorting

On-chip Biotechnologies has developed its own technology (flow shift method) for controlling cell flow on microfluidic chips.

In On-chip Sort, cells flow on microfluidic paths via pneumatic control. Identification of an object cell is made, in the same way as for the previous cell sorters, by identifying scattered light or fluorescence emitted by a laser beam irradiated on the cells.

On the other hand, for the flow shift method sorting mechanism is completely different from the method in the conventional equipment. According to this new method, at the instant the object cell crosses the microfluidic path, air pushes and pulls the fluid to force target cells into the sorting reservoir while letting non-target cells flow down and be collected into a waste reservoir.

マイクロ流路内のパスル流による細胞分離(Flow shift 方式)

Sorting cells without damaging them

Damage-free cell sorting has been achieved with microfluidic chips.

With On-chip Sort, the company adopted its original Flow shift method in order to achieve sorting with incredibly minute pressure without the use of ultrasonic sound waves or electrical charges. This technology allowe for cells easily susceptible to damage such as nerve cells to be sorted.

As shown in the following pictures, nerve cell B that had been sorted with a traditional sorter was killed by damage while non-sorted nerve cell A and nerve cell C that had been sorted with On-chip Sort showed a characteristic unique to nerve cell by extending its axon.


Flow cytometer On-chip Flow

The Flow Cytometer is easy to operate and maintenance-free and biohazard-free. Due to that the microfluidic chips are disposable, all fluids are replaceable for every measurement taken.

On-chip Flow
Product name Product No. Laser No. of fluorescence detectors
On-chip Flow HS 362F2001 Blue Red Violet 6
On-chip Flow MS5 252F2001 Blue Red 5
On-chip Flow MS6 262F2001 Blue Violet 6
On-chip Flow LS5 152F2001 Blue 5
On-chip Flow LS3 132F2001 Blue 3

The company’s Flow Cytometer has the following advantages:

Easy to operate

It is easy to operate and does not require proficiency. You can use the Flow Cytometer in the same manner you would use a spectrophotometer. All you have to do is to prepare a sample and sheath fluid, and set them on the equipment.

Ideal for analyzing biohazardous samples

All fluids retained in the microfluidic chips and the chips are disposable. Therefore, you can analyze, even biohazardous samples such as pathogenic bacteria and virus-infected cell without worrying about fluidic contamination.

Compact enough to be fit inside a biosafety cabinet

Because the equipment is compact, you can install it within a biosafety cabinet. You can take measures easily against dispersal of samples and for the operators' safety.

It works with microscale samples

It can analyze microscale samples from 10μlµ. It is ideal for analyzing your precious samples.


Because the company’s microfluidic chips are disposable, there is no need to clean instrument and maintenance is easy.

Cell sorter "On-chip Sort"

The world’s first microfluidic chip method that provides safe, high-precision sorting.

On-chip Flow
Product name Product No. Laser No. of fluorescence detectors
On-chip Sort HS 362S3001 Blue Red Violet 6
On-chip Sort MS5 252S3001 Blue Red 5
On-chip Sort MS6 262S3001 Blue Violet 6
On-chip Sort LS5 152S3001 Blue 5
On-chip Sort LS3 132S3001 Blue 3

Our cell sorter based on microfluidic chips has the following advantages:

Sterile cell sorting

All fluids are contained in disposable sterile microfluidic chips. Because the chips are disposable, there is no contamination between samples and no aerosols are generated.

Cell sorting can be done in culture fluid

You can sort cells not only in the sheath solution, but also in the sample buffer solution and culture fluid.

It can correspond to a microscale sample

You can sort microscale samples from 10~. Ideal for your precious samples!

Compact and maintenance-free

It is compact and can be installed in a biosafety cabinet. Because its microfluidic chips are disposable, there is no need for clean-up and maintenance is easy.

Main specifications of equipment

  On-chip Flow On-chip Sort
Lasers Maximum three (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 637nm, 785nm)
Measurement parameter Forward scatter (FSC), Side scatter (SSC), 6PMT (up to 10 parameters)
Size sensitivity FSC < 0.5 μm, SSC < 1.0 μm
Fluorescent sensitivity < 200 MESF FITC
Data resolution 4 decades, 18 bit
Pulse analysis Height、Area、Width
Detection wavelengt FL1(445/20 nm)、FL2(543/22 nm)、FL3(591.5/43 nm) FL4(607/24 nm)、
FL5(676/37 nm)、FL6(> 710 nm)
Flow-cell chip Disposable microfluidic chip
Material of chip Acrylic plastic (PMMA)
Fluidic path size 80 µm x 50 µm 80 µm x 80 µm
Flow velocity (m/s) 500 - 2000 mm/sec 500 mm/sec
Sheath buffer 1 - 3 mL
Sorting method Flow Shift method in microfluidic path
Purity > 95% (depends on cell concentration)
Yield > 80%
Cell damage No (able to recover cells after analysis) No
Contamination-free No contamination, All fluids are replaced because of disposable chips
Sterilized/measures against biohazard Yes Yes
Fluid flowing pressure 0.3 - 3PSI 0.3PSI
Analysis speed 4,000 events/sec
Sorting speed 20 targets/sec
Start-up 1 to 2 minutes 5 minutes
Shutdown 10 seconds (cleaning of tubings is not necessary)
Generation of aerosol No
Size (W×H×D, mm) 620 x 330 x 390 620 x 330 x 390
Weight(kg) 35 kg 45 kg
PC and Software Laptop PC
OS Windows 7, 64 bit
Data format Own format and FCS3.0
Power consumption < 240 VA

Product features

Mounted lasers (wavelength) are selectable

Up to three lasers can be selected to be mounted on both On-chip Sort and On-chip Flow. Users may choose from blue (488 nm or 473 nm), violet (405 nm), green (561 nm), or red (637 nm). Customized lasers are also available for mounting within 588 nm to 785 nm.

The system achieved a high fluorescent sensitivity of ‹ 200 MESF FITC. Expansion of the measurement field and improvement in measurement accuracy are achieved through the use of 6 fluorescent colors. Furthermore, by mounting a laser in the near-ultraviolet range, analysis of side population cell can be made.


◇Cell analysis (Flow cytometer)
・ Bacteria viability test
 ・ Measurement of virus-infected cell
 ・Cell cycle analysis
 ・Measurement of human peripheral blood
 ・ Side population analysis

◇Cell sorting (Cell sorter)
 ・Sterile/damage-free sorting of nerve cell
 ・Sorting of iPS cell-derived neural precursor cell
 ・Detection and sorting of peripheral blood Circular Tumor Cell
 ・Sterile/damage-free sorting of sperm

Support services

Technical support is provided from our engineers as well as engineers from On-Chip Biotechnologies.

Additional information

On-Chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. has developed original technologies and equipment with never before seen features that have been adopted by institutions engaged in leading-edge cell research such as largescale drug companies, biotech companies, and public research organizations such as universities. From time to time, we hold in-person demonstrations and explanatory meetings about the equipment. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


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